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Ροκφόρ presents:: Tendts λive w/Costa Vaya

Ροκφόρ presents:: Tendts λive w/Costa Vaya

Αυτή η Παρασκευή του καρναβαλιού δεν θα μοιάζει με καμία άλλη, οι Tendts μαζί με τον Costa Vaya υπόσχονται μια σκοτεινή, κολασμένη, δυστοπική, χορευτική βραδιά.

Come if you dare;)

Παρασκευή 8 Μαρτίου//Tendts λive w/ Costa Vaya // Ροκφόρ//Πάτρα

About Tendts.
If you were an idea, would you be a static one?
An idea that never changes ?
An idea that tends to become something else ?
An idea that becomes an obsession?
An idea can be an object, can be a sentence or just one word.

"Tendts". What kind of word is that ?

Could it be two words merged into one ? Or was it one from the beginning ? Let's just say that the idea behind the word came up when two people were writing music in a room. In this particular room the only window that had a view of the outside world was always blocked by a rusty, dusty tent. Was this annoying tent worth becoming their artistic totem ? Maybe. But the one thing sure needed was a change. They had to transform the word into something else. They had to add something else. One letter.

Tent. Tend. TENDTS.
Record Label
Fair Weather Friends / Project Mooncircle / Lower Parts

About Costa Vaya.

Costa Vaya is a pure underground and low profile artist.The rest is music..

Wherever you listen to his sets you will soon realize that he speaks through his music. Most of the times emotional but at times hard and raw, his sets oscillate between house and techno. He was born in the early 80s in Zurich, and as a child, he started receiving incentives from the first wave of techno from Detroit to Europe. After he moved to Greece, he started collecting vinyl and he soon got onto his first appearances. At the age of 17, he was already an integrated dj with weekly residencies and monthly gigs.

Huge influences on him were Siampanis P and G-kash, his local mentors, but also Akylla, one of the house pioneers in Greece. Costa has studied music technology and audio engineer in Athens and started producing tracks.

He now lives in Patra. He gives all of his energy on djing, collaborating with all the hot names of the scene in countless gigs in Greece and Europe. He also composes scores for films, theatrical plays and documentaries.

Nowadays, through selected gigs, he focuses on the creation of an "old school" music label with vinyl cuts only and a "hand to hand" distribution. In other words, his final destination is to return to the roots. To bring out quality sounds and the authenticity of the dance culture, remaining faithful and devoted to the underground movement…

Selected discography Costa Vaya
Insight (Fatsouls Records)
Rise / Tribes of the Sun (Unknown Season)
Indigo (Atal Music)
Time & Space (Movon Records)
Coma EP (Inside Out Records)
Nature Elements (MoBlack Records)
Pure EP (The Sound of Everything)

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